Dog Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How big will the puppy be when it grows up?
A: A puppy generally reaches half its ideal adult weight at 4 months of age. Based on our experience, the CAAWS Counselors will have an educated guess on the final size of most puppies up for adoption. Most puppies we see end up weighing 35 to 55 pounds.


Q: Should my dog stay outside?
A: We recommend that a dog be housed inside if at all possible. A dog wishes to be maintained as part of the family unit, therefore it enjoys sleeping in the house. A dog does require at least 1-2 hours of play time outside each day.


Q: How should I potty train my dog?
A: We recommend crate training.


Q: Will I know if the dog I adopt has heartworms?
A: We will disclose all medical information we have on the adopted dog that we have. We will also provide general information on the treatment of heartworms if the dog you wish to adopt is heartworm positive.


Q: Why does my dog dig?
A: Chances are your dog is bored. Give your dog plenty of supervised play time to work off his energy without getting into trouble. If the dog can not be supervised, we recommend crate training the dog.


Q: How important is breed?
A: Most all dog breeds are good family pets that love children. Mixed breeds, such as most of our adoptees, have no in-bred characteristics, but display their nature readily. If you are looking for a pure bred dog, you should learn the behavioral traits of the breed.