Breed: Domestic Short Haired Calico
Estimated DOB: 01/01/08
Gender: female, spayed
FeLV/FIV Status: Negative
Vaccinations: up to date
Microchipped: Yes

Hello, I’m Miss Toot. Don’t forget the Miss, because I am a prim and proper young lady! I came to CAAWS as an adult after being an only kitty, and was raised to behave my best! Sometimes these kitties here are a little too rowdy. To solve that, I’ve created my own “apartment” (a cabinet). I can be found sleeping in there, but come out whenever humans are around. I meow and beg for head scratches, and will let you know where and when I want to be pet.

I was used to being an only cat, but if you want to make me someone’s sister I would prefer calmer or older cats for my catmates. I just want a family that can provide me love, attention, and my own space! If you do, I’ll reward you by standing on your shoulders, wrapping around your neck, and purring to tell you that you’re my human.

If you want to give me a real apartment of my very own (that we can share!), email or talk to an adoption counselor at adoption days.