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The 2018 Santa CAAWS was Sunday, November 4! Santa CAAWS is our second largest annual fundraiser with 100% of proceeds to benefit the homeless cats and dogs of CAAWS. All the proceeds go to our Spay/Neuter program, which allows us to fix hundreds of cats and dogs in the Baton Rouge community. By spaying and neutering, we are helping keep the pet population down, which decreases euthanization numbers.

Each year, the general public is invited to bring their family and pets to have their picture taken with Santa! You can just bring your kids, your pets, or both! We even see cats, goats, and farm animals. Yes, that’s right. We have had horses. And we love it! Pre-registration opens up online a month before the event. Prices depend on the photo package you choose. If you are interested in volunteering with Santa CAAWS, email  

2018 Santa CAAWS Highlights

2017 Santa CAAWS Highlights